The mission of Moved to Serve International is to serve foundations that have the purpose of contributing to a world without domestic violence and child abuse.


Moved to Serve International has chosen domestic violence, child abuse, human rights advocacy, and technology to empower communities as its main areas of aid through other foundations in the United States and Latin America.


Your contribution will help small foundations in the United States and Latin America that are doing outstanding work. However, due to lack of resources and visibility, they have been unable to achieve greater goals. Thanks to your support, Moved to Serve International can provide them with the assistance they need.


Moved to Serve International is launching its 2022 "Light Campaign" to raise $50K. We invite you to be part of this great mission to support and serve foundations that work directly with victims of domestic violence and child abuse.

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We exist to serve others, our purpose is to empower diverse foundations to make an impact, educate, and develop tools that help victims. That's why we invite you to join this important mission of CHANGING LIVES!

Against Domestic Violence

Against Child Abuse

Supporting Access to Education and Technology

Defending Human Rights

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Domestic Violence and Child Abuse

Education and Technology

Human Rights

About Moved to Serve International

MOVED TO SERVE INTERNATIONAL is a family foundation. It was born from Bárbara Palacios' desire and commitment to a better world and a society where spaces filled with fear, child abuse, and domestic violence disappear. It emerged from her sensitivity and her own life testimony, giving rise to this movement that involves her entire family, her husband Víctor, and especially her sons Víctor Tomás and Diego Alfonso Manrique. For all of them, Bárbara's journey and purpose have served as inspiration to join forces and achieve a great reward: ensuring that children and young people are healthy and that their right to grow as healthy, whole human beings capable of giving and receiving what they all deserve, A LIFE OF LOVE AND OPPORTUNITIES, is never taken away from them without any reason.

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Your contribution will change lives by providing survivors with the resources they need to reach their full potential. No matter how much you donate, your investment will enable more children and women to build safe and stable lives, away from cruelty and fear. Discover how your support makes a difference. If you have any questions or need assistance in completing the form, leave us a message.

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